Bookie Fred Done is sure he’s hitting the right note with a “fun and friendly” new numbers game The Nifty Fifty.

The TV launch date for the exclusive game aimed at Betfred’s fast-growing army of lotto lovers is Friday, July 24.

And goodness gracious what a launch for Fred’s brainwave game he’s determined will be simple to play – and memorable for its cheesy name he dreamt up during lockdown together with a wacky 50s rock ‘n’ roll TV commercial.

“We have got ourselves a winner, building on our reputation as the bookie that always pays big for tiny stakes, “ said Fred who just can’t get the iconic Jerry Lee Lewis hit Great Balls of Fire out of his mind after watching a preview of the commercial made by Liverpool-based Zut Media.

The ad takes the viewer back to the world of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950¹s, with an adapted Betfred version of the classic track Great Balls of Fire.

Zut set the scene of a glamourous dance hall… and there¹s no mistaking the decade with the cinematic stylings of the backdrop together with a teddy boy inspired band and glamorous jiving dancers.

The 30-second commercial centers around the band¹s lead singer, Nifty who takes center stage appearing with his eye-catching number ball head. Computer generated imagery effects were used for this look requiring 3D tracking markers, on the top half of the performers¹ faces, leaving the bottom half uncovered to ensure Nifty¹s mouth movements stayed realistic.

Betfred brand has an array of Numbers products available in shops, online and on the company app. So what makes Nifty Fifty unique?

Fred explained: “We do have other number games that are growing in popularity but the big attraction with Nifty Fifty is that if you match three balls from a £1 stake you win £800, four balls and it’s £10,000 – and if your five numbers come out in any of the three draws each day then you’ve hit the jackpot – and my pockets are emptied to the tune of £200,000!”

Gemma Strath, Betfred’s Group Head of Marketing, said: “We are extremely excited about this amazing new product and the TV commercials inspired by the 50s music scene are as they said back then wild! The key inspiration for us was of course playing on the name of the new game. We created the song and Zut added lots of value to an internal idea. It¹s been a lot of fun developing the Nifty character, lyrics and music with Zut who have done an amazing job to help Fred make this happen in record time.”

Matt Thompson, Creative Director at Zut, added: “Reviewing the current Betfred Numbers products we were convinced this new advert needed not only an animation aspect but a live action element to it. To give the Nifty character a big screen presence we incorporated CGI techniques to bring him to life. Having secured such an iconic world-famous music track we wanted to make sure that the on-screen performances lived up it. Shooting post COVID lockdown added an extra layer of complexity so we are extremely proud of what our team has achieved during the pandemic with extra precautions were taken to ensure our staff members were safe whist filming.”

Zút are a creative production agency based in Liverpool with clients including Liverpool FC, Knauf Insulation, Chester Racecourse, The English Football League…and now Betfred. Zut¹s 22-strong team of creatives, animators, producers, designers, photographers, camera operators, producers and editors offer creative strategy in addition to video production.
– Watch behind the scenes:
– Song: Betfreds remix of ‘Great Balls Of Fire’
– Production agency: Zut Media