Brand Commitment

Betfred is proud of its growth and status as one of the UK’s largest gambling operations and we strive to deliver a ‘Fun and Friendly’ betting experience to all of our customers.

At Betfred, we are driven by our core value to be a ‘Good Company’, and we take our social responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to providing our customers with an efficient, secure, fair and socially responsible service. We are always trying to improve our awareness and understanding of problem gambling, and we have a number of responsible gambling policies and procedures in place.

We endeavour to do all that we can to encourage customers to gamble responsibly and to assist those who develop gambling problems to get the help they need. To support our customers, we offer a range of advice and tools, both in our retail shops and online, that gives the customer complete control of both the time and money they spend gambling. Player protection is at the top of our agenda.

Customer Support

As a socially responsible company we offer a variety of tools to support customers to gamble safely. We recognise that for some, gambling may become no longer an enjoyable pastime or they may appear to be no longer in control of their gambling and provide a variety of tools for safer gambling.

Online we provide support by offering the facility for customers to track their spend, set limits on how much they can deposit, restrict the time they spend gambling by setting a time limit and provide the opportunity to take a complete break with our time out facility or self-excluding for a period of time.

In our shops we assist customer to stay in control of their gambling with a range of support tools. We provide customers with the facility to manage their machine play by tracking their spend with the Betfred membership, controlling the time spent playing by setting time limits or controlling their spend by setting monetary limits. For those customer who wish to take a break from gambling we offer the facility to self-exclude for a period of time either solely from Betfred or multiple operators they may frequent through the multi operator self-exclusion scheme.

In circumstances where a customer appears not to be in control of his or her gambling, or where we are provided with reliable information of that fact, we will offer those customers help and advice. Our Customer Service Team are readily available to answer any questions that our customers may have regarding Responsible Gambling, and are able to assist on any problem gambling issues that may arise, as well as supporting our customers in keeping control.

Responsible Gambling Week

Betfred takes part in Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, which is an industry initiative backed by high street bookmakers, designed to raise awareness about the importance of gambling responsibly. Responsible Gambling Week is held annually, and is a partnership between the foundation and key contributors and local councils, the gaming industry and community groups.

Every year, Betfred takes part in Responsible Gambling Week.

Our aim for Responsible Gambling Week is to create an environment that promotes responsible gambling to all of our staff, customers and visitors and more importantly, ensure that those who might be experiencing problems with gambling know that there is help available to them.