Bookmakers Betfred have announced The Injured Jockeys Fund’s “Jack Berry House” as their official charity for this year.

Jack Berry House, based in Malton, needs to raise another £1.2 million for this state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility which will provide medical and physiotherapy expertise all designed to improve the rate and level of recovery for injured jockeys.

In addition to the fully equipped gym it will also have an infinity swimming pool for controlled hydro-therapy. It will also provide education and training for current and young aspiring jockeys focusing on physical and mental fitness, fall training and spatial awareness, nutrition, injury management, sports psychology and jockey coaching, all designed to reduce the risk of serious injury.

Betfred boss Fred Done,

“Jack Berry is a legend in my opinion and I hope we can help him reach his goal of building this fantastic facility in the North of England. Jockeys are the bravest sportsmen and women out there putting their lives on the line every day, I’m proud to support Jack Berry House.”

Betfred plan to hold a race day for the charity with discussions already taking place about holding a very special sportsman’s dinner, plus their staff will be encouraged to hold their own sponsored events to help the cause.

Jack Berry added,

“I’m delighted Betfred have picked us as they official charity and I would personally like to thank Fred Done, his support and that of the Betfred team means a lot.”


About Betfred
Betfred is the World’s biggest owner-operator bookmaker with a retail estate of over 1370 shops. Betfred acquired the Tote in July 2011 for £265 million and the company has been awarded an exclusive seven year licence to operate pools betting on UK racecourses. Betfred last year sponsored over 600 races and is racing’s biggest supporter. The company is owned and operated by Fred Done who started with just one shop in Salford in 1967. Back then Betfred differentiated itself by offering excellent customer value and excellent service. These principles are still at the heart of the business and no other high street bookmaker offers daily bonuses and price boosts like Betfred. The combined Betfred Group now employs over 10,000 people.
Injured Jockeys Fund
2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Injured Jockeys Fund founded in 1964 at a time when there was little or no help available to injured jockeys. Since then the Fund has spent more than £18m in helping over 1000 jockeys whose injuries have forced some to give up riding and others to be confined to a wheelchair for life.

Building on the success of Oaksey House in Lambourn which opened in 2009, a second similar rehabilitation facility to be named Jack Berry House is currently under construction in Malton. This is scheduled for completion in November 2014 and will be a fitting end to this 50th year of The Injured Jockeys Fund.